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Kediri Teak Furniture
Orissa Range

Enjoy the beauty of mango wood in your home...

Mango wood is a hardwood timber that is cultivated from the mango fruit tree also known as Mangifera Indica, which is native to the Indian subcontinent but can also be grown in frost free climates. Once a tree stops producing fruit, it is then cut down to produce furniture, bowls, vases and carvings. The wood is dense timber, which provides a beautiful grain made up from different tones and colours from dark or light green through to brown and tan shades.

Myakka’s Mango wood is available in our Coast, Lyme and Maison collections, which have been exclusively designed by us. It has a unique pattern with knots & varying grain which are enhanced by the final stain colour or finish effect applied.

  • Maison – with a subtle limewash effect and a hand waxed finish.
  • Coast – with a weathered finish to the furniture and a contrasting natural hand-waxed finish to the drawer fronts and tops.
  • Lyme – with a subtle limewash effect finish

Sheesham hardwood... an attractive alternative

Sheesham hardwood, also known as Indian Rosewood or Dalbergia Sisso is also native to the Indian subcontinent and is the most important cultivated timber tree of the Punjab. Sheesham hardwood like the Mango wood is also dark in colour but still offers a beautiful detailed grain that is made up from different shades of brown and tan which can be polished to a fine finish.

Myakka’s Sheesham hardwood is available in four popular ranges, Mallani, Thakat and Hathi perfectly designed to suit everyone’s décor and style. Each range has a huge selection of practical furniture combinations to suit you and your home. We have been working directly with manufactures in northern India for over a decade, making us specialists in Sheesham wood. Designed to last a lifetime, exclusively from Myakka.

Range - Mallani

Mallani Furniture

Distinctly different - Sheesham wood smoothed to a lustrous finish with clean lines & rectangular handles

Range - Thakat

Thakat Furniture

Classic Indian charm - highest grade Sheesham wood, hand finished by skilled craftspeople

Range - Hathi

Hathi Furniture

Elephant Fantasia – hand carved Sheesham wood, fusing traditional skills with modern design

Range - Chandra

Jasmeen Furniture

Elusively Carved – carved elegance in solid sheesham wood



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