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Meet the team

The Myakka team is expanding all the time, true to our original vision of giving every one of our customers outstanding personal service. We're always happy to help so do give us a call or better still come and see us.

It's always nice to know who's behind the name and the voice on the phone. So, to satisfy those of us who are slightly nosy and to prove that we really are regular human beings, here are some fascinating facts about each of us.


Georgie Georgie

Georgie India was never a country high on my list of places to visit, but once I got there I fell in love with it. I'm sure many people who've had the pleasure of going there will understand exactly what I mean!

Favourite Myakka Product:
Pure Silk Cushions

Simon Simon

Simon I once spent six weeks in the Arctic Circle studying fluvial geomorphology (Glacial melt water rivers), trekking across glaciers and sleeping in a snow hole! Alas we didn't see a polar bear!

Favourite Myakka Product:
Mallani Extending dining table

Robert Robert

Robert My favourite place is sailing out of sight of land - on a tradewind day!

Favourite Myakka Product:
Mallani Glazed Dresser

Customer Services Team

These customer service superstars work hard to make sure they deliver you the best shopping experience possible. If you order furniture with Myakka, you will get a friendly call to confirm delivery arrangements and they are always here to answer any questions that you may have.

Clare Clare

Clare I am a great, great, great granddaughter of Charles Dickens. I have been to Australia twice. On the most recent visit I worked as a Jillaroo on a 500,000 acre cattle station in Northern Queensland.

Favourite Myakka Product:
Mallani Merchants chest

Cherry Cherry

Cherry I have been married for 36 years and counting! I love spending time with my two grandchildren, shopping, gardening and walking.

Favourite Myakka Product:
Hathi Cupboard

Nicola Nicola

Nicola I have been to Jamaica three times (so far!) and I love it there! I've been swimming with dolphins and rays and I have even climbed YS Falls amongst other things. I have Jamaican heritage in my family along with Italian and Norwegian!

Favourite Myakka Product:
Surin Elephant Lamp Table

Corinna Corrina

Corinna I worked overseas for three years in Turkey which is where I met my husband.

Favourite Myakka Product:
Surin Double Helix Table

Donna Donna

Donna I'm a bit of an adrenaline junkie, I've climbed the Picos de Europa mountains in Spain, sailed around the Caribbean for 3 months, been white-water rafting, pot-holing, caving and even thrown myself out of a plane!

Favourite Myakka Product:
Rattan Box Lamp

Bryony Bryony

Bryony I can make a really excellent Victoria sandwich cake.

Favourite Myakka Product:
Surin Library Table

Veronica Veronica

Veronica I have known Georgie since she was three days old.

Favourite Myakka Product:
Mallani Storage Coffee Table

Bryony Sara

Sara Following in my Father's footsteps, who was a World War II Lancaster Pilot - but taking to the water - not the air, I love dive bombing from on high into the sea!

Favourite Myakka Product:
Mallani Curved Bed

Warehouse Team

A dedicated team, they spend their days picking, packing and shipping your furniture orders. If you're lucky (and live close enough) you may just have a couple of this handsome crew carrying your furniture directly into your home!

Simon M Simon M

Simon M William Dampier is in my family tree - he is my Great Great Great...Granddad who was a famous explorer and pirate.

Favourite Myakka Product:
Mallani Triple Sideboard

Rich W Rich W

Rich W When working in a car accessories shop. I once served 'Little and Large' as they were buying lots of accessories for the new BMW they had just bought.

Favourite Myakka Product:
Surin Storyteller's Chair

James James

James I have recently had some kittens being born under my bed!

Favourite Myakka Product:
Large Laughing Buddha

Paul Paul

Paul I once sailed from the British Virgin Islands to Barcelona on a Cunard ship, French polishing the worktops in the passenger cabins, with a bit of whale and dolphin watching on the way.

Favourite Myakka Product:
Thakat 4 Drawer Column

Orrin Orrin

Orrin I'm really good at remembering and quoting lines from films.

Favourite Myakka Product:
Thakat Large Coffee Table

Martin Paul

Martin I have a fear of lollipop sticks and spiders. I love boxing and I did a bit myself in my younger years.

Favourite Myakka Product:
Mallani Widescreen TV Cabinet

Lawrence Lawrence

Lawrence My surname is one of the oldest and rarest in the UK.

Favourite Myakka Product:
Surin Standing Elephant

Marketing & Creative team

From catalogue planning to email newsletters, affiliate management to photography, product development to blog posts and much, much more, there is never a dull moment in the ever-growing world of Myakka.

Liz Liz

Liz I used to work at Madame Tussaud's in London cleaning the models, it's really creepy when there's no one else there.

Favourite Myakka Product:
Hathi Carved Bench

Natalie Natalie

Natalie I spent a month in Peru when I was 17 completing community work with a remote school and trekking the Culca Canyon which is twice as deep as the Grand Canyon.

Favourite Myakka Product:
Pink and Purple Moti Ari cushions

Naj Naj

Naj I'm known as Imelda Marcos amongst my friends as I have a rather large (some would say unhealthy!) collection of shoes. Well over 100 pairs and counting... I love some of them so much I can't bear to wear them out just in case they get ruined!

Favourite Myakka Product:
Mallani Dressing Table
I'm using it as a desk right now!

Sally Sally

Sally I have spent 7 years in Italy and 6 years in the Netherlands, which is where I met my husband, acquired two cats and had my two gorgeous little girls. I love ballroom dancing and playing the piano!

Favourite Myakka Product:
Floral Storage Chest

Accounts team

Responsible for dotting the i's and crossing the t's, these are the people who keep us all in cheque!

Peter Peter

Peter In Northern Sweden I once rode over a frozen lake on a sleigh pulled by huskies in the cold January twilight – a magical experience!

Favourite Myakka Product:
Bengal Wool Rug

Elaine Elaine

Elaine I love long walks in the woods when it is really cold and frosty.

Favourite Myakka Product:
Mallani Storage Seat

Purchasing team

Making sure your furniture reaches you on time and that we always have plenty of stock the purchasing department bury themselves in spread sheets that bamboozle the rest of us!

Debbie Debbie

Debbie I got married in the Hall of motorsport at Haynes motor museum and I have a cat with thumbs.

Favourite Myakka Product:
Mallani Partner Sideboard

IT team

Working their magic in ways that dumbfound the rest of us, this team allow Myakka to tick in the technical sense, creating brilliant systems that leave the rest of us to concentrate on what we’re good at.

Rich Rich K

Rich K Loves Disney princesses!

Favourite Myakka Product:
Mallani Mirror

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